Toto Watching

“Once upon a time, a lady in Kole district went with her two children to the garden, one was almost 4 years of age and the other was about 6 months old. When she reached the garden, she got a shade under a tree where she left the children and started farming about 50 meters from where the kids were. Later in the day, a timber (very huge snake) came to were the kids were and the 4 year old starting shooting crying for some help. Their mother heard her clearly but didn’t believe the little girl, when the snake started swallowing the little one; the older ran to the mother in shook. Surprising what was happening enough her mother started beating her and yelling at her. Someone farming in the neighborhood heard and came to see what was happening, on reaching she found the baby fully swallowed by the timber and called for help when it was too late… “Told to me by a fellow passenger on my way from Fort portal.”

This is the act of making your house or home safe for the baby right away after birth to the age of 8 years and above when the child can fully make mature decisions. At preschool level, it is the act of making the classroom and play area safe for all children considering their physical abilities and level of activity done by a particular child.

Child safety measures change as the child grows, the more the child becomes mobile the more the need of proofing. When the baby can finally move from one place to another, the entire house should be free of small and sharp objects that the child may swallow.

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