Toto Clock

Right away from conception, timing is everything. During pregnancy ultra sound scans are now popularly used by medical personnel to know how many weeks the pregnancy is and also estimate the expected date of delivery.

After birth little or no timing has been done in the child care, which has resulted into un intentional child neglect, poor feeding habits, little or no nap times, prolonged hours in dirty diapers or wet clothes and ‘poop’, increased baby burns and injuries, immunization skipping and many more confusions.

The TOTO Clock is a program were preschool teachers, parents and care giver are reminded about the time aspect in ECD and also trained on how to come up with a child schedule that best suits an individual child. TOTO Clock comprise of three child schedules; Daily schedule, Weekly schedule and finally the monthly schedule.

An individual schedule can be formed considering personal commitments of the teacher, caregivers and parents. This activity blends both the interests of the baby/child and the activities of the teacher, caregiver or parent.

For example for a household basis, at the peak house work hours, the caregiver would make it the baby/child nap times since during these hours he or she cannot spare a lot of time to attend to the baby and in the times when he or she is free can be the play times and feeding times. This automatically reduces the risk of accidents and the child also gets enough attentions were stable and responsive relationships are built.   

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