Toto Academy

Children are curious from the moment they are born. They want to explore, learn about and understand their world critically. In the first five years of life a child’s brain is growing faster than at any other time of life. Children’s early experiences shape and determine how their brains develop. Children’s early learning sets the stage for school success. “Failure in childhood breeds failure in adulthood and success in childhood benches success in adulthood.”

Buying or making toys for children in many household is something that is still considered a luxury. Some families just focus on the feeding and after every other feed the child is left to alone, this has reduced the children’s potential to learn all around Uganda. I have visited households were the babies are treated as teddy bears, i.e. they are made to sit in the verandas or under a shade with nothing to hold or play with. As a result children have become insulted, ignored, and dormant, which into turn affects the learnability and brain development of the child.

Instead, you can say choose three problems you got wrong.