Play And Learn (PAL) Academy/TOYS

We have Toys of our TOTOs that are still at home in categories of 0 -1 year, 1-3 years and for school going TOTOs categorized into 3 to 5 years and for those above 5 years.

Create a cozy and fine play area aka PAL Academy for your child/children today by just giving us a call @ 0782225657.

We don’t just sell toys, we create a whole new experience for the whole family, build responsive, nurturing and stable relationships between the child/children, caregiver and and parents.

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Play And Learn (PAL) Academy @ Home

Children spend 3 or more years of their first years of life at home, this is the time when their brains are very active and developing at a very high speed, why then wait for them to start learning at school, true learning starts at home, we encourage more parents to embrace this for brighter and starter children all around Africa.

Rising above Disability through Play time

Play And Learn (PAL) Academy @ school

We also call up nursery schools’ directors to adopt our PAL Academy program to further enhance the learning that in happening in the class rooms. In this century with technologies evolving faster than ever before; we still have our baby class class rooms look like lecture rooms.

Research has continuously showed us that Play time has huge positive impact on the child’s brain development. Guided play time also introduces following instructions to our little ones, language confidence, sharing, basic learning like the color of the toys, the child will also learn counting by counting his/her toys and very many more skills.

Therefore, lets try so had to have our class rooms more relevant to the age group of the children in it. If you are having challenges achieving this, please book today for our PAL Academy setup program, and you will be killing 5 birds with just one stone.

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