Early Childhood Development (ECD) Clinics : ECD clinics are held at health centers during immunization days as to target the immunization crowds, school events as to target the parents at the event and during TVN planned community engagements.

During these trainings we discuss all the seven TVN programs/community ECD learning areas i.e Toto clock, Toto Com, Toto Amagara, Toto Proofing, Toto Watching, Toto Nurturing and PAL Academy.


WHY ECD Clinics?

  • Today many of us become parents at an early age and know nothing about child development.
  • Even the mature parents may know some art of raising a child but have know science on child development which will limit the child’s potential.
  • In this competitive century, every parent needs to prepare her/his child for this generation.
  • Know the science and art of child development will simplify the hardest job known as motherhood or fatherhood.