TOTO Voice Network Uganda is working hard to promote early childhood development by extending ECD training ad proper learning kits to both households and kindergartens, daycares and nursey schools. Many business men and women are investing in pre-primary schools and have no access to learning toys and some don’t have even the right assistance. Worse still many mothers never get a blue print on what should be done in the first 1000 days of a child, which leaves the child mediocrity.


All donations will be fully used to realise the goal of our projects and organization. The donations go directly to the projects in Uganda. The project leader is Ugandan, lives in Uganda and is intensively involved in the projects.

Mobile Money

Donations Can Be  Sent Via Mobile Money


TVN Partner

By donating 100,000/= today you become a TVN partner.

  1. If you are a parent your child will get a set of shapes and 5 toy cars as the first equipment in his or her PAL Academy under TOTO@Home. In addition you get a free parenting class were we take you through all our 7 programs and how your child will benefit from each one of them.
  2. If you are not a parent you will get a TVN partner cap or T-shirt depending on your preference.

Malnourished Toto

You can also become a TVN partner by giving a hand in promoting child nutrition, here all you need to do is pay for 14 Kgs of Toto Nurturing Vitamin A porridge flour which we will give to the urban poor children around the Kampala shababas. Every child needs Vitamin A as they grow, vitamin A is important for brain development, skin, sight, immunity among others. Therefore every child needs to have this opportunity.

Each Kilo costs 7000/= therefore 14 Kgs will cost (14*7000)= 98,000/=

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Thank You for being Interested in becoming a TVN Partner.