Baby Proofing

This refers to making the child’s space safe. It can be baby proofing your home, compound, school class room and any other place or thing the child will get in contact with.

Baby proofing or TOTO proofing is one forgotten safety measure in many African households and schools and has continuously caused major injuries on the children and sometimes has led to death.

What to Do when TOTO proofing

  1. Look at the surrounding from the child’s point of view and look out for any thing that could cause harm to the child.
  2. Every room in the house or school should be looked at differently and effectively baby proofed.
  3. In the living room, look out for the extension cables, all electric wires, open sockets and have them covered or put in areas where the child won’t reach.
  4. In the kitchen, look out for fire area, the oven, water taps and sinks, cupboards, knives and anything else that could be harmfully to the child. Keep the cupboards locked and remove the keys, keep the knives out of the child’s reach, keep the fire place or the charcoal stove out of the child’s reach.
  5. Avoid bathrooms when the child is still very little, and lock them after use.  

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