Toto Voice Network (TVN) Uganda is a Social-Enterprise creating awareness on the importance of a child’s best start in life through training parents using radio, social media, community and health-center outreaches.

TVN Uganda acknowledges the fact that Early Childhood Development(ECD) is a complex and seemingly expensive to many parents, therefore we have broken it down into seven programs easy for parents to adopt namely;                                                                                                  

Parents who have attended our parenting classes and  adopted the TVN Guardian testify to the simplicity that it brings into parenting. The seven programs are interconnected they compliment each other, therefore not only one can improve parenting but there combination is complete magic.

TVN Uganda has a number of services namely; PAL Academy setup, Parenting Classes, Baby Proofing, Child nutrition, Child care, Teacher’s Summits and Nanny tutoring.


  1. To offer equitable high quality and relevant ECD services for universal development of all Children from conception to 8 years of age. To Build a generation were both men and women are well informed about ECD and its benefits and to grow stable communities through raising happy and healthy babies.
  2. To provide a platform for mentoring and guiding parents, care takers, teachers, nurses, families and communities on the child`s  brain development, nutrition, care, home learning, play and nap time and schedule information for individual babies .To achieve economic development, peace, security and prosperity through ECD 1 child = 10 step.





  1. To ensure good health for both mother and child.
  2. To emphasis child protection and supervised play time.
  3. To promote home learning, early school enrollment and enhanced learning in schools.
  4. To encourage good parenting through speaking love.
  5. To emphasis strong social support  in first 8 years since social skills are also survival skills.
  6. Encourage stimulative interaction of children with others outside the home which provides the best chance of success.
  7. Promote good nutrition, food provides the energy and nutrients needed by infants and children during this critical period of growth and development. Caregivers should provide food each day to meet each child’s nutritional needs.
  8. To emphasis food hygiene, food should be clean, safe, and developmentally appropriate. Food also should look and taste good!
  9. Boost drinking of clean water, safe water should always be freely available to children.


  1. Train  200,000 parents in ECD and parenting skills using different approaches.
  2. Hold 1,000 ECD clinics in different regions of Uganda
  3. Set up 1,000 PAL Academy  centers in different regions of Uganda.
  4. Initiate parenting classes at 1,000 health centers/ clinics/hospitals.
  5. Support media houses with already existing children’s programs with our ECD and parenting resources.

Through training parents, preschool centers and care givers, sharing our resources with broadcasters hosting the children`s on air programs at different broadcasting houses, community outreaches and social media.

We are also producing Vitamin A porridge made out orange sweet potatoes since we acknowledge its importance in ECD


My is Naturinda Catherine, am a mother not yet a wife, my heart beats for every child. Luckily enough even children love me, my neighbors say I have a magnet that attracts there children to me.

Am a computer Scientist by profession, with a life purpose of bettering the state of early childhood development in Africa, FACTS AS OPPOSED TO MYTHS. Narratives like “If you eat well during pregnancy you will have to under go a C-section, Don’t wash the new born baby’s code etc.” Such narratives are to totally be eliminated from our communities, many facts are taken as rumors which makes it hard for the parents to implement them.


My name is Viola Nuwaha, I love reading books but not as much as I love building a better future for the Ugandan child. I hold a masters degree in Computer Science with a dream of using technology to bring ECD knowledge to the reach of every parent.