“Early learning begets later learning and early success breeds later success, just as early failure breeds later failure”, James J. Heckman.

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About Toto Voice Network

Toto Voice Network (TVN) Uganda is a Social-Enterprise creating awareness on the importance of a child’s best start in life through training parents using radio, social media, community and health-center outreaches.

Children are curious from the moment they are born. They want to explore, learn about and understand their world critically. In the first five years of life a child’s brain is growing faster than at any other time of life.

Children’s early experiences shape and determine how their brains develop. Children’s early learning sets the stage for school success.


Healthy Body. Healthy Brain


This program looks out for children’s health issues and work hand in hand with preschool teachers and parents. It focuses on reducing the communicable diseases among children.

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